When you find yourself caught in the rain, just know that you can call my name and I’ll light up the sky. When you find yourself with growing pains, with hurt that just won’t go away, I’ll bring bandaids strong enough to turn that pain to love.

We were made to feel alone, incomplete, and on our own. New SayWeCanFly Demo :)

To anyone who wants something badly in life; don’t listen to the people who tell you that you aren’t allowed to do what you love, because we all exist on this little planet floating in the middle of nothing, and if you stop for a minute to realize how unrealistic and illogical that is, you will have an easier time realizing that nothing you could possibly do in this life could ever be more out of reach than the fact that we exist in the first place. 

I just want to see the world.

Hush little angel, don’t you cry, as the bullets and the bombs fall from the sky. I know your face and you know mine, that is what will keep us safe tonight. As the sky grows dark and the rain turns white, as the moon falls down and the sun won’t shine, just please smile for me one last time.

I believe some of us came from somewhere else.




Vic has mad photoshopping skills

Haha tbh I dont even know but im fine with it


Performed for like the second time ever with Braden Barrie last night c:

Jason Lancaster from Mayday Parade & Go Radio will be singing on the new SayWeCanFly album :D

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